Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here is an interview with a young farmer who is starting a network of resources and events for young people interested in farming professionally (Giulia?).


Hey guys,

Are you all ready for the CHICKS! They're gonna be moving into their new home on campus this THURSDAY! We will be meeting in the garden for our usual activities at 4.30 pm NOTE the change in time (it gets dark later with daylight savings time). It will be a fiesta so you all better be there!

In the near future there will be a whole set of new responsibilities now that we have live creatures. In addition, as the weather is getting warmer we are gonna need to water as well. So, we are setting up a rotating schedule for watering the beds each morning and the care of the chickens for each day of the week. For the chickens, we will need someone to check food and water every morning and evening. We will definitely have a thorough meeting about this before anything starts so look out for that but right now we would like to see who is interested and when you're available. To establish the schedule, we have set up an event survey on Doodle, so just enter in the days and times that would work for you.

In light of the meeting on Sunday, some exciting events are in the works so we'll keep you posted with regard to those. Hope to see you all there this Thursday!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Favas! best. news. ever. !!

breaking news:
there are beans on the fava plants!
last week we all had the sinking feeling that the plants were going to flower but not fruit. but fruit they have!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tomorrow and a Weekend Meeting

Hey all,

I hope everyone had an awesome and rejuvenating break! We'll be composting, harvesting, clearing some beds, and possibly planting tomorrow at our usual 3.30 time. So come by and help out. The chicken coop is finally done so now it is just waiting for its future inhabitants to be big enough! Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures tomorrow to put them up on the blog. The coop looks pretty pro if I may say so myself and it probably has enough locks to classify as a safe!

Also, this weekend, on Sunday we will be having an e-board potluck meeting around 11 am in the garden. To anyone who has ideas to share, projects in mind, or is interested in the leadership of FEAST you should come. Please bring something yummy to eat so that we have enough to go around. Also, I hope everyone on the e-board can make it. If not make sure to let me know because if enough people have conflicts we should probably change the time. See you all tomorrow and on the weekend.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Study

An international research team just put out one of the most comprehensive reports on the impact of the meat industry on the environment. Read the whole report here:

Among the findings:
  • More than 1.7 billion animals are used in livestock production worldwide and occupy more than one-fourth of the Earth's land.
  • Production of animal feed consumes about one-third of total arable land.
  • Livestock production accounts for approximately 40 percent of the global agricultural gross domestic product.
  • The livestock sector, including feed production and transport, is responsible for about 18 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.