Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Usual Thursday + POTLUCK!

Hey all,

I hope everyone is doing well!

We will be meeting in the garden this Thursday at our usual time, 5 pm. After planting, preparing beds, tending to the chickens and turning/building our compost piles there will be a POTLUCK IN THE GARDEN (around 6 pm)! We're hosting this with WellFed so you may have already received an email but please come and bring something yummy! Don't forget a plate, silverware and a cup!

See you all there!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Voting and Doodle Poll

Hello Everyone,

We had our first meeting in the garden on Thursday and it was great to see so many old and new faces. This coming Thursday will be an important meeting so try to be there starting around 5 pm! I will explain the club constitution and then we will vote on it. I will have met with Rebecca Dowling (risk management), and give you all an update on our efforts to start a farm cart or get produce into the Market Place. Furthermore, we will be solidifying the positions on the Executive Board for the semester.

IMPORTANT: everyone who wants to have a leadership position please email and tell me which one(s) your interested in. Email even if you already have a position because I want to take stock.

In addition to our weekly meetings on Thursdays, here is a Doodle poll that will develop a rotating schedule of daily duties. These will include irrigating the beds, collecting eggs, checking the food and water for the chickens and letting them out of the coop for a bit. This commitment will realistically take at a bare minimum 30 minutes and probably closer to an hour. It should ideally be done sometime in the morning. Even if you can't come to our Thursday gardening times please feel free to sign up for this! In payment, you are free to take some of eggs for personal use! We will go over the details once a schedule is set up.

See you soon