Get Involved

We have gardening days every week. To receive updates, news from the garden, and be invited to events you can either email with the subject Add to Email List or "Like" our Facebook page.

You can also talk to any of the Executive Board about ways to get involved.

Executive Board:

Compost Managers  Dwight Hobbs
Joe Dingman
Chicken Caretaker  Zoe Butler 
Garden manager  Liam Dixon
Meal Coordinators  Lauren Gunderson
Taylor Griggs
Treasurer  Ashley Quintana 
President  Nicholas Conti 

We seek to continue collaboration with faculty, administrators, and staff through the Steering Committee to provide input and to utilize the garden as an education resource for the college and help guide our efforts in a different capacity than student leadership.

Steering Committee:

Mark Vallianatos  Policy Director, Urban and Environmental Policy Institute
Amy Muñoz  Associate Vice-President for Hospitality Services
Movindri Reddy  Associate Professor of Diplomacy and World Affairs
Gretchen North  Professor of Biology
John Lang  Assistant Professor of Sociology
Bruce Steele   Environmental Health and Safety Manager